CREAtive writing labs to foster STEAM learning

The CREAM project aims at creating creative writing workshops to promote the learning of scientific subjects and raise awareness among high school students about scientific professions, using an artistic and not only technical approach. The project activities through which the partnership aims at achieving this goal are divided into several phases that lead at specific results:

  • teach science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics through creative writing workshops;
  • stimulate interest in science and science careers;
  • show how everyday problems can be solved with a creative approach and STEAM notions;
  • generate new educational models based on the experiences of the partners and all stakeholders involved in the project, mainly schools and formal, informal and non-formal education providers;
  • create a narrative behind each workshop, telling the story of all the realities that have touched the project, in order to generate a video documentary to be used as a manual for the future.

VITECO is partner of the project dealing with Project Results 4, story-telling. VITECO develops manuals for schools and STEAM centres, both of them playing a major role in the project as they are the main actors. On top of that result, a policy brief is delivered to policy makers, on local and European levels, so that the Creative Writing Laboratories can be shared among all EU Countries.

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Dec. 2021 - Dec. 2024

Total budget

385.921,00 €

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Erasmus + KA220 - Cooperation partnerships in school education

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