Constructivism in teaching Maths

Constructivism in Mathematics Teaching – Open Educational Resources

Constructivism in teaching Maths aims at stimulating students’ curiosity towards Maths thanks to the development of 30 interactive games to be played by students both in classes with teachers and at home, as exercises. In this way, students, who acquire new skills while solving complex mathematical problems, learn also how easily Maths can be applied to daily life.

The goal of the educational games is to awaken students’ curiosity and interest in mathematics by posting the process in the environment close to the students. Each simulation is accompanied by a teacher’s guide as open educational resource, containing variety of usage scenarios during the course material.

Innovation of the project is to develop a simulation of situations of everyday life or in another context in which we make decisions based on knowledge and mathematical skills.

Developed simulations are subject to an assessment to verify the level of efficacy with regard to problems in math education. The positive impact of the use of simulation in the school environment will determine the possibility of further expansion of the simulation in other sectors.

VITECO, after an in-depth research about already available interactive solutions supporting teaching math activities in high schools, is in charge of developing 30 innovative educational games.

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Sep. 2015 – Oct. 2017

Total budget

201.265,00 €

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Other projects in which we partecipated