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In a 2020 that will be remembered for the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdowns and the never-ending DPCMs, the JO Group records a series of success stories in the name of digital transformation. In a year marked by technological innovation, for example with the massive use of LMS, the JO Group was ready to seize all the opportunities of a rapidly evolving scenario. It was also the year of the launch of the first digital event of the Innovation Hub Catania promoted by JO Education, a 100-minute dive with experts in blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital marketing and 5G.

Let’s see in detail why the JO Group uses the hashtag #borntoinnovate.


At a time when it was necessary to reduce as much as possible the physical contact among people, the world of distance learning skyrocketed with an undeniable boost to the entire sector. Among the European companies that have always believed in e-learning there is VITECO, which since 2004 has been developing LMS and serious games. Despite the proliferation of LMS and online meeting tools, many of which were born during the pandemic as a response to the growing demand, the LMS platforms e-Logos have managed to stand out for the credibility gained over many years across Europe. They are appreciated for being customisable, user-friendly, equipped with an integrated e-commerce interface, the innovative Facial Recognition System and can also be used in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Slovak and Greek.

The ease of use of an LMS and the possibility to reduce costs and breaking down barriers due to distances are part of those characteristics that will make sure that, even when the pandemic is over, many will choose to continue using distance learning.


Even for what concerns European projects, another JO Group’s core business, 2020 was an intense year. Among the success stories, we point out the victory of important projects including, for example, EUROTHON and RISKREAL. The first project, shared with seven international partners, is oriented to broaden the knowledge of European ideals and it has, as the lead partner of the projects, e-Medine (e-MEDiterranean IN Europe), a non-profit reality of the JO Group created to promote European citizenship and Europe’s role as a great motherland. The second project, conducted with seven other international partners, will involve IPPO Engineering, JO Group software house, in a project that aims to allow low-skilled workers to develop new basic skills, the so-called soft skills, to better meet the needs of the labour market.

Satisfaction also comes from Precobias and PEaCH projects. The first one, developed with the aim of strengthening the critical thinking skills of youngsters aims at countering religious or political extremism. The second one was created to offer tools to educate to bilingualism, in particular to meet the need of many foreign parents that need to effectively transmit their mother tongue to their children. These are, therefore, projects that try to bring added value to people’s lives and succeed, thanks both to the strength of ideas and to the use of digital platforms and tools that allow to amplify and disseminate the messages carried out by the projects.

The credits for the realisation of the multimedia contents and the websites of the abovementioned projects goes to the JO Group web agency, Moka Adv, which for years has specialised in international video marketing, website creation and much more.


Thanks to its successes in 2020, the JO Group has also been a protagonist in local and national media. The cluster of companies, based in Catania, continues to be a pride for Sicily and not only, given the international impact of its projects and the multiple partnerships established in over twenty years of activity. From Avvenire to Formiche, passing through Città Nuova, Migrantes and InTerris at national level, there are many generalist and sectoral newspapers that, together with important regional newspapers such as La Sicilia, ll Quotidiano di Sicilia and LiveSicilia have highlighted the activities of the JO Group.


All the successes just listed show how the companies that are part of the JO Group always share the same basic philosophy: the attitude to innovation and to the digital transformation in its every single aspect.

All the JO Group teams expect, confident, a 2021 full of new challenges to face with, peaks to climb and successes to achieve. Another year opens in which the JO Group will try to honor its hashtag #borntoinnovate.

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