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Digital transformation management: the new frontier of industry 4.0

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Digital transformation (DT) is not just a trend of industry 4.0, but a real priority, a strategic imperative for companies aiming to remain competitive in the market.

Digital transformation management therefore aims to create value through managing processes, products, services and business models that take full advantage of the potential offered by new information technologies.

These include:

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What is digital transformation

Before moving on, we need to understand what digital transformation is. It indicates the set of complex processes of managerial change that companies, since the fourth industrial revolution, are facing in order to integrate, strategically, digital technologies within them.

Managing transformation processes is crucial to maximise results and minimise risks. If you are an entrepreneur, therefore, you need a clear and well-structured strategy that involves the entire company organigramme, from managers to new recruits.

What is digital transformation management

Digital transformation management is a process of planning, implementing and monitoring the organisational and technical changes dictated today by the need to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

It’s a discipline that embraces several areas: IT, economics, management and strategy.

Key factors

The key factors of digital transformation management are:

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Why it’s important

Digital transformation management is important because it enables companies to:

Companies today need qualified partners and specialised professionals who have a 360° view of the world of information and communications technologies (ICTs). These figures are the digital transformation managers.

digital transformation management

Digital transformation manager: who he is

The digital transformation manager is a professional capable of coordinating and supervising the activities associated with digital transformation. Specifically, he or she is responsible for defining the goals, strategies, action plans, budgets, timeframes and resources needed to implement digital innovation projects. In addition, he/she is responsible for monitoring results, evaluating performance, solving problems and managing change.

The digital transformation manager must also possess a set of technical and transversal skills that enable him/her to:

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In conclusion, a company that wants to remain competitive in the market cannot avoid investing in digital transformation management. As we have repeatedly stated, it has now become a fundamental discipline not only for companies, but also for banks, insurance companies, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and public administration (PA).

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