ResimaSmart- Network of Intelligent Sensors for Assisted Mobility of elderly and weak users – Solutions for a better use of artistic-cultural resources in smart cities

The project aims to create an intelligent monitoring system able to make safer and more accessible places of cultural interest for the weaker social classes, such as the elderly and disabled users, safe and simple, thus promoting their social inclusion. The project meets the need for the development of reliable solutions for active aging and well-being.

The starting point is represented by the results obtained from a previous project (RESIMA), focused on the creation of a platform for the autonomous use in public places of users with visual impairments.

RESIMA SMART system provides for the creation of a network of sensors to be installed in the place of cultural interest, combined with devices wearable by the users, and the creation of an application to be installed on the smartphone of the elderly / disabled users that uses location to provide useful information on the available services in the neighbourhood and monitors the user’s status, launching appropriate alarms, in case of anomalous behaviour, to the local service centre and the user’s caregiver.

HT is the project leader and, in addition to administrative management, it deals with the development of the App and the user module, the communication flows between the app and modules, and the validation of the developed systems.

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